Your Financial Journey

What's important to you?

Don’t ask: ‘where am I going?’ First ask: ‘what’s important?’


  • What's important to you about your family?

  • What do you value most about your lifestyle?

  • What's important to you about your community?

  • What are your career goals?

  • How do you feel about your investments?

  • How important is financial protection for your family?

  • How does your ideal retirement look?

  • What are your Estate Planning goals?

  • What's important to you about your health?

Where are you now?

The position to build upon.


  • What are your Assets?

  • What are your Liabilities

  • What is your annual Income?

  • What is your annual Expenditure?

  • Do you use any Business Structures?

  • Do you have Wills & an Estate Plan?

  • Do you have an enduring Power of Attorney?

With Hart Wealth Management the first step is not taking a step at all.


Take a breath and consider  what are the most important things to you. Those things may not even be on this list, but they’re the key to your future.


Our work is always guided by what is important. So stop and let’s consider what’s important before we take that first step.


Putting a microscope on the past and the present.


Seeing the data gives us a greater understanding of your financial past and your financial present.


Shedding light on what we’re working with helps to show the direction you can take.


What's getting in your way?

Identifying the hurdles.


  • Are you paying too much tax?

  • Do you have a poor investment process?

  • Are you paying excessive fees?

  • Are you using an inappropriate ownership structure?

  • Do you have a poorly aligned asset allocation?

  • Do you have inadequate family protection?

  • Is your estate planning incomplete?

  • Are you missing strategic opportunities?

We drill down into your financial position and highlight everything standing in your way.


We search for everything that might be holding you back.


Providing a complete financial review


How can you improve your future?

Highlighting all the options.


  • Detailed projections of future cashflow

  • Reduce tax liabilities

  • Appropriate portfolio constructions

  • Better investment returns

  • Retirement income improvements

  • Adopting optimal strategies

  • Improved ownership of assets

  • Comprehensive estate planning

We find the solutions that push you towards your goals.


Potential clients are often quite surprised at how many options we present them with.


We don’t miss anything, we want to save you money, improve your returns and protect your future.


How much better could your future look?

This is your future.


  • Clear projected financial improvement

  • Increased future assets

  • Lower tax liabilities

  • Lower investment fees

  • Increased retirement income

  • Correct assets ownership

  • Adequate family insurance protection

  • Sound estate planning outcomes

The possibilities from implementation.

Our in depth financial modelling looks for every possible outcome, narrowing down as close to your goals as possible.


We align our modelling against your goals to present an improved financial future and a direction that’s more certain.


Are you on track?

Continually on the look out.


  • Are your tax liabilities well managed?

  • Are your investment fees controlled?

  • Is your family protected against risks?

  • Are your investment returns sound?

  • Will your estate wishes be met?

  • Will your investment portfolios cope with market volatility?

Never stop improving.

Financials aren’t set and forget, If there’s a better way, we’ll find it. If there’s a change in legislation we’ll adapt.


You have peace of mind we continue to focus on what’s important to you, while looking for risks & opportunities.